The federal government's finding winners and losers during the Power current market has Price tag taxpayers billions of dollars. The speed of failure, cronyism, and corruption at the companies getting the subsidies is substantial. The challenge begins with The problem of government picking winners and losers in the first place.As an alternative to … Read More

Worker Orchestrates $450,000 Kickback Scheme: A exploration Centre employee used her posture to steer contracts towards a certain enterprise in return for the Reduce of their contract funds.As an alternative to investigating the Icelandic Viking-period economic system, Possibly the government really should center on addressing the having difficulti… Read More

Federal Grant Pays to Deal Grass-fed Cow Butter: Kriemhild Dairy Farms was awarded above $fifty five,000 to get and set up a new butter packing equipment, making it possible for it to begin featuring eight-ounce offers in their Meadow Butter constructed from the milk of their grass-fed cows. Beforehand Kriemhild had only supplied two to 10 pound pa… Read More